Commercial Membership

Dear Friend of the Flute,

I would like to extend you an invitation to become a commercial member of the Albuquerque Flute Association for this year. In return for your yearly membership, you will receive your name listed in our Flute Fiesta program, a local event with high attendance by many prominent flute students, enthusiasts and professionals from all around the state.

Additionally, we offer our commercial members the benefits of our online resources. This includes a link from our newly-updated website to your internet site. This page reaches a large audience of flutists and musicians in our community and beyond. We have an accessible list of our commercial members on that page.

For our commercial members, there are opportunities to gain exposure among the many professionals, amateurs, and students that take part in AFA-supported events each year. Our annual Flute Fiesta is a day-long event, and we are offering our commercial members a table for display at no additional charge (additional tables come at a small fee).

If you have any questions about our organization or this year’s events, please do not hesitate to contact me (

Kind Regards,
Lauren Harris


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