Competition Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change.

 Thank you to all those competing, and we wish you all the best of luck in your performances.
10:00 McCullough Vivien 9 Doppler: Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy Craig Brown HIGH SCHOOL
10:10 Jacobs Bryce 9 Taffanel: Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino Ronda Schripsema  HIGH SCHOOL
10:20 Leppala Barbara 9 Bach: Badinerie  HIGH
10:27 Dinwoodie Liz 9 Andersen: Scherzino  HIGH SCHOOL
10:34 Tennant Kate 9 Haydn: Serenade Therese Macali  HIGH SCHOOL
10:40 Sinanian Lydia 9 Bizet: Menuet L’Arlesienne  HIGH
10:45 Olewine Marian 10 Chaminade: Concertino Ronda Schripsema  HIGH SCHOOL
10:55 Brandt Selena 10 Handel: Sonata in F Major Dorothy Gusdorf  HIGH SCHOOL
11:02 Barrett Lily 10 Handel: Allegro from Sonata in G Carol Feeney  HIGH SCHOOL
11:07 Taylor Megan 11 Bizet: Menuet L’Arlesienne Frances Steinbach  HIGH SCHOOL
11:14 Smith Mackenzie 11 Pessard: Andalouse Frances Steinbach  HIGH SCHOOL
11:21 Hartmann Jenny 12 Mozart: D Major Concerto 1st mvt Ronda Schripsea  HIGH SCHOOL
2:00 Galasso Natalie 4 Genin: Allegretto Maizie Galasso MID SCHOOL
2:08 Boulton Molly Sophia 6 Handel Menuet Ronda Schripsema  MID SCHOOL
2:17  Tong Ashley 6 Corelli: Gigue  MID
2:26 Plass Rosemary 7 Telemann Suite Overture;Reichert Fantasie Melancolic Angelica Plass  MID SCHOOL
2:36 Mehojah Emily 7 Mozart: Arietta Ronda Schripsema MID SCHOOL
2:45 Webb Jessica 7 Godard: Allegretto Daniel Cummings  MID SCHOOL
2:52 Jones Francesca 7 TBD  MID
3:00 Atencio Sophia 8 Donjon: Pan Pastorale Ronda Schripsema  MID SCHOOL
3:08 Bernier Allison 8 Handel: Sonata in G minor, mvts 1, 2 Ronda Schripsema MID SCHOOL
3:18 Dorsey Gabrielle 8 Keopke: Bergamask  MID
3:26 Ambrose Connor 8 Handel: Bouree from Sonata in G major

Award Ceremony will take place at 4:45pm

2016 Winners and Honorable Mentions:

Brooklyn Reaney Winner 1st  grade

Karli Schoonmaker HM 1st grade

Malikai Mendoza Winner 2nd grade

Natalie Galasso Winner 3rd grade

Stephanie Gonzalez Winner 4th grade

Mya Romero Winner 5th grade

Ashley Tong HM 5th grade

Rosemary Joy Plass Winner 6th grade

Jessica Webb HM 6th grade

Daisy Leon Gathings HM 6th grade

Isis Rothfork HM 6th grade

Allison Bernier Winner 7th grade

Alex Muller HM 7th grade

Katherine An HM 7th grade

Vivien McCullough Winner 8th grade

Bryce Jacobs HM 8th grade

Marian Olewine Winner 9th grade

Thalia Fort Winner 10th grade

Jenny Hartman Winner 11th grade

Sophia Nelson Winner 12th grade


2 Responses to Competition Schedule

  1. Jim Jacobs says:

    Any idea when I can tell the accompanist she should be there?

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