Teacher Directory

The Albuquerque Flute Association sends out a list of local flute teachers at the beginning of each school year in our Newsletter.  Only current members of the Association are eligible to be included in this list.  If you are not a current member, you may become one by submitting your form and dues here.  If you are a member and would like to be added to this directory, please contact Sara Tutland – sarat815@comcast.net.

ABQ Flute Teachers
(All area codes are 505 unless otherwise noted)

Jennifer Lau               401-2398

Sara Tutland               238-0265

  • Northwest
    Esther Fredrickson     944-5654                                                                      Jiyoun Hur                                                                                                  Christine Strickland       307-2833
  • Nob Hill
    Jesse Tatum                    514-5711
  • East Mountains
    Carol Feeney                   281-7915
  • Rio Rancho
    Sally Melodia                  771-3844
    Katie Schripsema Bos   503-9191  (Available in the Northeast)
    Sarah Farrell                   897-0322   (Corrales)


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