Teacher Directory

Only current members of the Association are eligible to be included in this list.  If you are not a current member, you may become one by submitting your form and dues here.  If you are a member and would like to be added to this directory, please contact Sara Tutland – sarat815@comcast.net.

ABQ Flute Teachers
(All area codes are 505 unless otherwise noted)

Danielle Frabutt (330) 519-3187
Jennifer Lau 401-2398
Sara Tutland 238-0265

Esther Fredrickson 944-5654 (Offers in-home lessons on the Westside)
Jiyoun Hur
Christine Strickland 307-2833

Valerie Potter 254-0747

Esther Fredrickson 944-5654

Nob Hill
Jesse Tatum 514-5711

East Mountains
Carol Feeney  281-7915

Santa Fe
Sasha Garver 603-3404
Linda Marianiello 474-4513
Carol Redman 670-8064

Rio Rancho
Sally Melodia 771-3844
Katie Schripsema Bos 503-9191  (Available in the Northeast)
Sarah Farrell 897-0322   (Corrales)