Accompanist List

Accompanist List

Donna Bacon                                  264-0527 or 264-0296

Elizabeth Bayne                             298-7369

Debbie Briggs                                888-2668 (Cell)  828-3348 (Work)

Jeff Brown                                      345-0174

Kelly Brown                                   260-4931

Tzu-Feng Liu                                  217-390-2149

Amy Greer                                      256-5361

Astrid Groth                                  836-5542

Maribeth Gunning                      256-8415

Sharon Kunitz                              821-4901

Susan Landers                             292-4899

Andy Parker                                 332-9288

Terri Reck                                     345-2154 (harpsichord for Baroque music)

Ronda Schripsema                    298-8974

Beth Shroff                                   797-2303

Frances Steinbach                     288-0076

Ling Zhong                                   830-5737


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